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Website and Content

This website is a trading name of Christian Faversham Ltd also known as (ESG) Event Services Group the event kitchen provider. All goods therein are offered under the express understanding that the items shown are available whilst not already hired. Estimates are available 24hrs a day via this website. Telephone to confirm your order, secure your hire items, and payment preference.

“Our new 557 square metre (6,000 sq ft) washing and cleaning facility operates Winterhalter and Karcher commercial washers. Our Company is committed to eliminating the five most common bacteria; Salmonella, Listeria, E coli 0157, Campylobacter and Clostridium Perfingens, which can be present on hired catering items as a result of poor hygiene, inadequate high temperature commercial dishwashers, or cross contamination”.

Bookings & Deposits

Equipment hire, Event Kitchens, Marquee hire and Event Catering are booked in with equipment, staff, and transport allocated after a deposit is paid. Remaining balances are due 2 - 4 weeks prior to the event depending on the size of event. Any outstanding balances, post event, will incur a late payment surcharge of 5% per month or part thereof.

Security Deferred Deposit

The security deferred deposit is a percentage of the order value which is required before equipment is picked and loaded and before any warehouse or driver labour services can be allocated. Payment card authorised deposits are held authorised by your bank and released automatically by your bank. The bank authorisation expires 10 - 14 working days after the return date unless there are charges for losses, waiting time, or extra charges as laid out in these terms and conditions. Deposits may be increased for hire items that customers wish to collect. Damage or losses on customer collected or customer returned items should be claimed via your "Goods in Transit" insurance or similar.

Washing Up Service

It is essential that all hire items reach customers in a hygienic and clean condition. Cleaning charges are mandatory. Cleaning charges are calculated on assumption and condition that bulk food waste is removed or wiped from china, cutlery, pans, and containers. Wash up charges do not include removal of carcasses, treating burned pan waste, burned gastro pans used in high temperature roasting, dishwashers not used in conjunction with effective water softeners, or dishwashers which are not cleaned down daily after use. Glasses that are used for desserts. China that is returned with amounts of food waste still plated will incur a separate Food Waste charge. Silverware must be washed or rinsed after use. Under no circumstances should scourers or abrasives be used on any hired equipment. Aluminium parts or hire items will become permanently damaged if washed in commercial or domestic dishwashers.

Washing up service charge is clearly marked separately on your invoice. Linen must be completely dry before returning to avoid mildew (mould growth) can occur within 12 hours under certain conditions. All linen comes with an information sheet on how to shake out/off all table debris. A per tablecloth charge applies if returned with loose debris, decoration material. In the worst cases of damage or colour staining to white tablecloths, a replacement cost will be charged. Damage by mildew, cigarettes, candle burns or hot cooking utensils will be charged to the Hirer at the cloth replacement cost for each item.

Hire equipment wash up is calculated for a single during the hire period, unless extended hire charges have been paid for. Multiple uses over a weekend or week hire period may attract further cleaning charges if items are returned in an obvious condition of continual use without periodic cleaning or wiping down. Contamination to any hired equipment by paint, fossil fuels, chemicals, adhesives, tapes, dyes, liquid paraffin, waxes, polishes, or significant amounts of mud, sand, soil, or fire extinguisher powder will necessitate extra cleaning charges commensurate with time taken to reinstate hire items back to their original condition ready for hire again.

Delivery & Collection

Delivery and collection services are NOT included in the Hire Charge set out on this website. A subsidised delivery and or collection charge is calculated depending on distance, weight, access, and number of vehicles required. Delivery services are from door to door and based on our driver having unencumbered access to a convenient ground floor location on firm level ground. An extra charge will be made if hired items have to be carried over any distance greater than 10 metres. Delivery drivers do not, and will not carry hired items up or down stairs unless double crewed, warned in advance, and authorised by way of porter charges on your proforma. Hirers should ensure that they or their representatives are at the delivery address to receive the delivery.

Wasted journeys deriving from non attendance will be charged a second delivery or collection. Deliveries to third parties or unoccupied premises are made entirely at the hirer"s risk and will not be delivered unless authorisation is received in writing, fax or e–mail, and the recipient shows photo identification including a utility bill less than 90 days old. In the case of Collection, all item quantities should be repackaged by the Hirer and re–boxed in the same boxes as was delivered, ready for kerbside loading. Plates are always packaged vertical on their rims as delivered. Hire contracts that have to be re–boxed, re–packaged or suffer breakages as a result of bad packing result in charges for labour and or losses being applied to the deferred deposit. Please ensure that the delivery ticket handed to the recipient is passed on to the person preparing for the collection.

Delivery & Collection quotes are given for multi–drop subsidised delivery rounds in advance of customer event dates. Multi–drop deliveries are normally between 08.00hrs – 20.00hrs or between 07.00hrs - 21.00hrs during British summer time. Transport quotes stand firm for a period of 72 hours. As the event date approaches our vehicle delivery fleet and multi–drop availability reduces. An order is only Confirmed when the final balance is paid. Late confirmations and late payments render all hire contracts ‘Pending’. A Pending status means that an order is not picked, packed or programmed into our delivery schedule, hire stock is available to other customers.

Timed deliveries of hired equipment are subject to traffic network conditions. Drivers will often load your order and make a direct journey as opposed to a multi–drop load. Timed deliveries cannot be refunded due to road closures, security checks, riots or parades. If the driver left in plenty of time i.e. Google’s slowest travel time plus one third minutes. Alternatively you can book a narrower delivery slot Time Specific. Delivery and collection is strictly to or from a ground floor location within 10 metres of the unloading or loading point. Any deviation from the ten metre point without written agreement with the Hire Company and will be deemed strictly as an annexed contract made between the individual driver, Courier Company or Removal Company for which the Hirer agrees to compensate. The Hire Company can recommend various removal companies whom are experts at installing and de–rigging hire items in and out of buildings, up and down stairs if the driver sent had no knowledge or is not physically able to carry out additional instructions outside the ten metre point.

Outside catering equipment is hired for one day use, that day you nominate as your event day as highlighted on your proforma. Equipment must be available for collection the day following the event date or working day whichever is the most convenient to the hire company. During a Bank Holiday weekend the hire company will contact you via text to the mobile telephone number (given at the time of booking to advice the day of collection if different from you proforma). We will in the first instance contact the telephone numbers given prior to the hire period. Please ensure that your contact telephone numbers are answered. All other times you will be contacted initially by SMS text or by telephone you to advise that our driver is en route, NOT to arrange a time convenient to the Hirer to accept or hand over a hire contract. If access to collecting the hired equipment is denied, blocked or impassable then a second collection journey will be automatically charged and, or waiting time charged to your deferred deposit. Unless otherwise stated it is assumed that delivery and collection addresses have unrestricted access. Transport quotes are given for access through a minimum 3.2 meters high or 3 metre wide entrance for all entry and exit points to premises. Deliveries in single track roads require specific Google map coordinates or at least Google map photographs must be provided. If parking or loading restrictions are in place you agree to advise the Hire Company, in the comments box on the online quote form, prior to entering into the hire contract. Any altered collection and delivery arrangements must be made in writing and then will be confirmed by our office. Clients ordering equipment or services for events are responsible for providing free parking and or, suspended parking bays at, or close to the delivery and collection point. Any parking penalties issued to our vehicles whilst executing delivery or collection to those addresses will be charged back to the hirer.

Any deliveries and collections that result in off highway encounters without notice, access problems due to mud, uncleared snow, ice, traffic clogged access roads, cluttered paths or alleyways, above or below ground floor levels, up or down steps, causing additional time over 15 delivery/unloading minutes are charged at eighteen pounds and seventy five pence per quarter hour of part thereof for the first hour, in addition to our standard delivery and collection rates previously quoted. Thereafter thirty five pounds per hour during 08.00hrs - 20.00hrs or ninety five pounds between 20.01hrs and 07.59hrs. If the Hirer engages a porter service or removal contractor is hired we assume unless otherwise advised that all routes to deliver or collect via basements, staircases, or steps are easily and safely negotiable. Please note we will not attempt to deliver up or down spiral staircases.

Foster and Delfield refrigeration and freezer units must not be switched on for at least 12 hours after delivery. Williams freezers and refrigerators can be used immediately after delivery if not tilted. Failure to leave a fridge standing switched off will result in irreversible damage which will be deducted from the Hirer"s deferred deposit. Any fridge or freezer unit tilted more than 45 degrees from their normal operating position will often cause irreversible damage which will result in extensive repairs which will be invoiced post hire.

Multiple hire contracts for the same event or same customer require a deferred deposit for each ticket, Proforma or invoice or quote number. Each deferred deposit amount will be pooled together to cover all hire items and made available to charge any losses from either, both or multiple hire contracts.

Hire period – 72 hour maximum – Definition

The 72hr hire period is the maximum time hire equipment can be held in possession on a standard hire charge. A standard hire primarily covers use on the event day, testing during part of the delivery day, and storing during part of the collection day. You may pre–book and pay for an extended hire period if you are using the hire items for more than one day. Failure to request and remunerate an extension of hire strictly limits the Hire Company"s liability to the single event hire day recorded on the hire contract.

Hire goods will be available for the collection or delivery by us (if delivery is booked) up to 24hrs before the event day as entered on your hire document. All hired goods must be returned (if collected by the hirer) no later than one working day after your event day. If we deliver and collect hired goods, they must be available for collection the next working day (or earlier) following the event day entered on your hire documents. An extra charge of thirty three and a third percent per day or part, and or a second collection charge will be made if goods are returned late or not available for collection by 07.00am/08.00am the next working day following your event. The 72 hour maximum hire period starts immediately the item/s are picked which is also the time the ADW cover starts.

All hired items, including cardboard or plastic packing containers remain the property of Outside Catering Hire and are on loan during the possession period. Damaged, wet, missing or destroyed packing containers will be charged at replacement cost, plus delivery, plus VAT.

Extended hire costs will be charged to your debit or credit card.

The Hirer is responsible for the safe keeping of all hired items from the time of delivery, until returned to the custody of Outside Catering Hire. Wood, cardboard or fabric items must not be stored in damp or wet conditions. Tarpaulins and bungee straps are available for hire if wooden items are likely to become damaged or affected by the elements.

Damage or breakages to hired items must be returned. Losses be charged for separately at replacement cost. The Hirer will be notified of any breakages excluded from the ADW or missing items once all hired items have been checked in at the Outside Catering Hire warehouse. Substitute items will NOT be accepted. Hire items damaged or broken as a result of not packing correctly as originally packed including items that are bubble wrapped, plates that were packed on their rims vertically, and glasses incorrectly stored in glass transport jacks will be charged the replacement cost plus VAT. We reserve the right to charge an administration charge of between fifteen and thirty pounds plus vat in addition to extended hire whilst we repatriate lost or missing hire items.

The Hirer shall fully indemnify Outside Catering Hire in respect of all claims by any person whatsoever (including the Hirer, his Servants, Agents, Employees and Public) for death or personal injury or damage to property caused by, in conjunction with, or arising out of the use of hired items and in respect of all costs and charges arising under Statute or Common Law or otherwise.

Bank Holiday Delivery and Collections

Deliveries and collections on Bank Holiday days are provided strictly subject to driver availability unless Timed transport is booked and paid for in advance. We aim to collect hire contracts on the first or second working day following a Bank Holiday. The ability to collect hire contracts post Bank Holiday depends on driver"s hours, traffic congestion, road works, festival and event hold ups and road closures. No claims for inconvenience will be considered for post Bank Holiday collections or any other collection or delivery.

Engineer Support & Fryers

Engineer support is available prior to event day, on the event day, and during an invoiced extended hire period. Please ensure that any appliances, plugs, regulators, taps, switches, doors, shelves delivered to site are checked on arrival or as soon as practicably possible. Each and every item dispatched is tested for normal operation prior to loading thus avoiding any inconvenience on the event day. Those clients that hire fryers should be aware that various safety devices are fitted by manufacturers to avoid ignition of the cooking medium. Different oils and shortenings have varying "smoke points". Manufacturers limit the risk of ignition of those mediums by fitting high temperature safety devices which cut out around 200 degrees centigrade. For continuous fryer use customers are advised to set the factory fitted thermostat in conjunction with an accurate temperature probe. Please note that there may be a temperature "spread" of up to 20 degrees between the fryer thermostat switching and the final resting temperature. You should continue to check the fryer medium for 1 – 2 minutes to see what the final resting temperature is. Different design fryers - 3 tubes, 4 tubes, single element, double element all have a different temperature "spread". The maximum temperature we can guarantee for reliable fryer use is 180 degrees centigrade. Please note all gas fryers have a labelled notice drawing attention to excessive frying temperature.

Kitchen Equipment Install

All quotes are given on the strict understanding that the Hirer specifically informs the Hire Company where utility services are located. In the absence of specific information the Hire Company will assume gas, electric, mains water, grey and foul drainage is within 5 metre vicinity where appliances are being installed. Room or marquee sizes must be disclosed in advance of each build. Any delays in build or break down caused by other trades or contractors working in the same area, or access or egress delays from deliveries or collections will be charged at fifty pounds per hour outside the M25 and seventy five pounds per hour per person inside the M25. The cost of bringing services to within 5 metres will be charged as a supplementary charge. All electrical, gas and water connections are strictly the responsibility of the Hirer unless specific certification is requested in writing and the work is signed off. Water supplies and containers are solely for the purpose of wash up or cooking with boiling water. 25 litre potable water containers can be ordered in advance of an install. Parking meter feeding and or obtaining parking permits is the responsibility of the client and or their principles. All charges for parking, clamping or towing will be charged back. If any venue, marquee, kitchen or room has vermin, pests, spores, damp, or dust the client will deal with or reimburse treatment or equipment required to eliminate the same.

Use of Equipment

The onus is on the Hirer or their Agent to have sufficient knowledge in the use and connection of equipment that is being hired. You must ensure that you have the necessary skills and knowledge in the operation of all electrical and LPG appliances. The Hire Company cannot accept any claims for hiring of incorrect equipment or the lack of knowledge in its use. We do not engage as event organisers and do not run a chef"s training school on demand. Any advice given is solely and strictly an opinion of a member of staff which cannot and will not form any part of any contract or invitation to hire.

Alterations & Changes

The Hire Company recommends prior to paying for a quotation or proforma the Hirer should seek advice as to costs and viability of delivery and collection, and stock availability. Any alteration or cancellation requested post payment will be subject to an administration charge of thirty six pounds in any event or circumstance.

2,000 Stock Lines in 30,000 sq ft

Vast stocks of hire equipment are available from our own inventory across several warehouses over the UK. Orders are processed on our current availability as dictated by Inspire or TSS Software Solutions. If hire items are lost, damaged, stolen or delayed we will endeavour to replenish our stocks to satisfy pre-booked orders. On the rare occasion that stock is unobtainable the nearest substitution will be delivered.

Loss, Theft or Negligence

If a hire item has been lost, stolen or damaged the Hirer agrees to reimburse the Hire Company on demand. Until missing hire items have been repatriated or their fate is confirmed by the Hirer extended hire charges accumulate. If the hire payment has been paid by card payment the Hirer agrees to replace the missing items by the same method without the necessity for further authorisation. An administration charge of thirty pounds will be charged against deposits for arranging replacement of lost, stolen, vandalised or hire items damaged as a result of negligence. Missing items that are subsequently recovered post event which require a collection will attract a subsequent collection charge.


An Accidental Damage Waiver (ADW) is applied automatically to each proforma invoice or quote to cover slight and incidental damage to the majority of 2,000 hired items during the execution of warehouse picking, loading on, delivery off, during customers normal use, during the execution of the transport of a collection and unloading by our driver. But excluding lead crystal glassware, burn holes, heat or freezing damage caused by neglect or power outage, any electronic or audio visual equipment, heat damage, cuts to fabrics, damage to aluminium hire items or aluminium parts, all hired items transported by customers own onward transport or movement by porters, contamination by candle wax, coloured dyes, chewing gum, broken plastic or resin furniture legs, wooden tables, wood chair legs, or china or glass items larger than 10 inches or 250mm in length, breadth or circumference. ADW is also applied in case of accidental breakages of drinking glasses, (excluding lead crystal, white china tea pots, coffee pots, vintage hire items, and china not packed as delivered), chipped china, and general wear and tear of hired items delivered and collected by our agent"s or own transport or movement. ADW does not cover damage or loss during customers own transport or movement of hire equipment further than a ten metres kerbside delivery. Any and all broken hired items must be returned or replacement value will be deducted from your deferred deposit. There is a maximum limit on breakages of drinking glasses of one per glass transport jack, all crystal glass is excluded. ADW does not cover damage from stacking items, negligence, water damage, seawater or sand contamination, equipment damage from movement with gas bottles fitted/inside, heat or frost damage, or damage from cleaning with scourers or chemicals, misuse of electrical or gas powered catering equipment, or damage caused by leaving or using hired equipment outside during inclement or windy weather conditions. It is the Hirer"s responsibility to ensure that equipment used outside in any weather conditions is safe and secure. Our hire charges represent a fraction of the value of the hired goods. Replacement items are new for old plus commissioning and delivery; and not indemnity. Please ensure that hire items which are used in conjunction with water i.e. dishwashers, combination ovens and similar items are not left in sub–zero temperatures otherwise damage to pumps and pipes will occur rendering them defective and in need of spares and engineer call out, none of which are covered by ADW. In simple terms ADW is included to avoid charging hire customers replacement items, expensive parts, stainless steel panels and labour charges to reinstate hire equipment to its pre–damage condition. The most common situations are damage and dents to stainless steel doors and panels, chipped china, chipped glasses, broken glasses and general failure due to fair wear and tear or genuine losses. Historically avoidable breakages occur as a result of not repackaging tableware as received, i.e. glasses not “slopped out” and turned upside down in their transporting jacks. China plates, tea pots, coffee pots, tea cups, coffee cups, bowls, saucers, jugs, and glasses stacked on top of each other vertically will break during transportation and will be charged for replacement cost. Plates should be returned in their boxes vertical on their rims.

Linen hire charge excludes the cost of professional laundry services. Linen must be completely dry before returning. Linen can be ruined by mildew if left damp or wet. Linen and other items damaged by mildew, cigarettes, candle burns, hot cooking utensils, coloured dyes or foodstuffs will be charged to the hirer at replacement cost plus delivery for each item.

Please note how equipment is delivered, the reverse packaging should be the same as delivered. If you have any doubts our Customer Service will be pleased to answer any questions.

Damaged Hire Items —Festivals & Group Events

Any hire items damaged by onward transport from our kerbside delivery by the Hirer, their Agent or after collection by a third party vehicle will be invoiced at replacement cost plus commissioning or repair cost whichever the most economical. Movement of hire items by machine, crane, forklift, trailer, tractor, 4x4, aeroplane or any other mechanical steam or fuel driven device should be covered by the Hirer’s insurance or their Agent’s insurance policy. Damage caused by movement of third party vehicles or persons will be charged at replacement cost or repair whichever is the most economical option.

Description of Service or Hire

The contract, proforma, estimate or invoice description is absolute and may not be overridden by any previous conversations or requests not listed, noted or entered in the same document. There is no labour time included in any hire item cost under any circumstances. Additional time required to carry out any Hirer’s requests omitted from the document is chargeable at between twenty five pounds per hour and seventy five pounds per hour per person dependant on the time of day and day of week. Deliveries and collections that fall outside our advertised parameters will be charged at the same rates including travel time.


The FULL order price must be paid prior to delivery. The sooner the order is paid for, the quicker we can confirm stock availability and allocate the stock items to your order. All orders are not deemed Confirmed until paid for. Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, cheque payable to “oChristian Faversham Ltd”o (14 days prior to hire day) or bank transfer (details on request) 5 days prior to hire day. For advance orders where a booking deposit has been made the balance is due no later than 14 days prior to the event date (28 days for cheque payments).

Monies owed from temporary or pre-arranged credit accounts must be paid by the 15th of the month following delivery, unless otherwise stated. Cleared funds are required to reach our bank account by the 15th of the month, following delivery. It should be clearly understood that where these terms are exceeded, credit facilities may be withdrawn and all sums outstanding will become payable immediately. Failure to clear a credit account within these payment terms will attract a late payment surcharge of 5% per month or part thereof. Account facilities are granted on the basis that the level and frequency justifies the requirement.

In the event of any default of payment, the Hirer will be charged 5% per month and required to pay all costs incurred in respect of recovery - including solicitors and any other legal fees that may be accrued.

Force Majeure

We cannot accept liability or pay compensation where the “operformance or, prompt performance, of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected by circumstances amounting to Force Majeure”. Such events may include but are not limited to war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial action, natural or nuclear activity, wet or windy weather conditions, fire, or any events “outside our control” including hire customers not returning equipment, or equipment being damaged, lost or stolen, which is advanced booked to other hire customers.

Cancellation Rights

Once you have confirmed you hire contract with an order number and or payment we update our systems and allocate hire items to your event. If you delay confirming your hire order until a few days prior, you run the risk of losing items out of stock. If cancellation is necessary up to 21 days of the original event date there is a cancellation charge of 50% of the total invoice plus and administration charge. Less than 10 days of the original event date will be subject to a cancellation charge of 75% of the total invoice plus and administration charge. Under ten days there is no refund. In any event there is a thirty pounds administration charge.

Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) bottles, jerry cans full of diesel, kerosene or petrol are supplied and invoiced on the strict understanding that any returned fuel is credited at half the invoiced price. Any devices that are delivered with fuel in their on board tanks but not initially invoiced will be charged post event on a ‘Pay as you Go’ basis. Current energy prices are available on our website by searching fuel, gas, petrol or diesel. Fuel is either purchased at the pump or from bunded fuel storage bunkers.

Complaints Procedure

Our approach to complaints is simple, in that our objective is "satisfied customers". If you have any reason for complaint about our products, services, website or in fact anything to do with Outside Catering Hire, then we hope you will contact us.

We will respond to you as soon as possible and no later than five working days. In the event of further investigation, we will reply with a definitive response within 20 working days. Any missing, faulty or broken items must be reported immediately either by phone, text or email within 12 hours of delivery. Our aim is a top-class service so any help you, as a customer, can give us to improve would be gratefully received. All complaints will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Photo Disclaimer

Photographs shown are the best match available for our inventory. Actual items may not be identical to images.

Telephone calls may be recorded for training and security purposes