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The items from our inventory which best match your search are listed below.

Please use singular search words bbq, oven, plate, tea, coffee, cup, oven, fryer, fork, budget, wine, glass, etc. If you don't see the item you require please use call us on 03333 442062 (5 lines) or via the Contact Form to let us know about the items you require. We aim to respond within 15 minutes during office hours.

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*Volume discount available
Item ID Product Name - Click for Details Price Per Hire Period Image Add Item to
OCH-594 ISO Conference Chair Charcoal £ 7.95* * Volume pricing
If hiring 100 or more units.
£8.75 at regular price.
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-1050 Charcoal Tandoor £ 193.95* * Volume pricing
If hiring 3 or more units.
£226.15 at regular price.
  Each week  
OCH-1190 5ft Stainless Steel Charcoal BBQ £  110.70  
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-1191 7ft Stainless Steel Charcoal BBQ £  120.35  
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-1208 3.5ft Charcoal BBQ - Stainless Steel £  70.75  
  Each 72hrs Charcoal BBQ barbecue hire  
OCH-1209 Giant Charcoal BBQ £  116.26  
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-1210 Half Barrel Charcoal BBQ £  42.73  
  Each 72hrs Half Barrel Charcoal BBQ hire  
OCH-1211 Kettle BBQ Charcoal barbecue grill 66cm £  36.71  
  Each 72hrs kingsford_kettle_charcoal_bbq  
OCH-1212 Half Drum Charcoal BBQ £  44.08  
  Each 72hrs Half Barrel BBQ  
OCH-1233 Charcoal Hog Roaster £  127.07  
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-1244 Restaurant Grade Charcoal 10kg Bag £ 16.5* * Volume pricing
If hiring 25 or more units.
£21.61 at regular price.
  Each Charcoal hire item  
OCH-1250 BBQ Flippers gas or charcoal £  2.20  
  Each 48hrs BBQ Flippers hire item  
OCH-1665 Black Charcoal Patio Heater LPG - 7ft high £ 75.15* * Volume pricing
If hiring 20 or more units.
£79.75 at regular price.
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-2204 Drumbecue Charcoal Drum on Stand £ 132.45* * Volume pricing
If hiring 4 or more units.
£167.25 at regular price.
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-3208 Charcoal Briquettes 10kg £  34.62  
OCH-3435 6ft Crown Verity Charcoal BBQ £ 133.75* * Volume pricing
If hiring 2 or more units.
£172.45 at regular price.
  Each 72hrs