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Fresh Meat for Event Catering Hire

One of the things which makes Christian Faversham Catering Hire unique is that in addition to offering event and catering items for hire we are also active ourselves as outside event caterers. Since we regularly cater for large private parties and public events we also have the knowledge and equipment to handle large volume food purchasing and cold storage.

As a new service we are pleased to offer our customers fresh meat at wholesale prices. Now you can hire equipment and purchase meat for your event in one order. Our relationships with local butchers go back many years. You can absolutely be assured of the best quality meat ? these are the same meats we serve our own catering clients.

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*Volume discount available
Item ID Product Name - Click for Details Price Per Hire Period Image Add Item to
OCH-1181 Bomba Spanish Paella Rice £ 6.56* * Volume pricing
If hiring 20 or more units.
£7.67 at regular price.
  kg 72hrs  
OCH-1765 Fish & Chips £ 7.66* * Volume pricing
If hiring 500 or more units.
£8.77 at regular price.
OCH-1869 Vegetable Cooking Oil Litre £ 1.05* * Volume pricing
If hiring 100 or more units.
£1.38 at regular price.
OCH-2430 Gluten Free - Batter Mix £ 7.22  
  Each Buy  
OCH-2431 Gluten Free - Curry Sauce Mix £ 5.09  
  Each Buy  
OCH-2432 Gluten Free - Breadcrumbs £ 6.98  
  Each Buy  
OCH-2500 65kg Free range hog roast pig racked on a pole £ 303.74  
  pig Meat English Hog Roast  
OCH-2502 75kg Free range racked hog roast pig on pole £ 325.24  
  pig Meat  
OCH-2503 55kg - 65kg Local free range racked hog roast pig £ 248.06  
  pig Meat Free Range Hog Roast  
OCH-2504 65kg Free Range + Leg Joints racked £ 272.87  
  pig N/A  
OCH-2506 English Lamb Roast garlic studded & marinated £ 8.43  
  per kg Meat English Lamb Roast  
OCH-2510 Whole Racked Free Range Pig side 35kg - 45kg £ 139.47  
OCH-2516 Whole Racked & Dressed Lamb Roast 16kg - 24kg £ 6.01  
  kg N/A Whole Lamb  
OCH-2517 Whole Racked Lamb Roast + Joints £ 187.98  
  Meat Lamb  
OCH-2535 Bramley Apple Sauce - Schwartz 2.27 litre £ 12.08  
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-2536 Bramley Apple Sauce - Chefs Larder 2.27 litre £ 11.22  
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-2551 PG Tips Tea bags x 50 £ 3.58  
  50 72hrs  
OCH-2552 Kenco Ground Coffee per 100 Cup £ 13.13  
  Each N/A  
OCH-2553 Mycryo Cocoa Butter £ 26.68  
  Each 72hrs  

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